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Photo of the Month - January 2022

A multi-photographic work from 'The Lost Photographs of Socrates Smith' at MAC in 2019. It's a spin on Ed Ruscha's 'Every Building on Sunset Boulevard' of 1966 and its anti-aesthetic stance. But these cracked footpath slabs that I walked over as a child and teenager are very aesthetic. The play is between Mildura's utopian geometry and the ravages of nature.

'Every crack between 13th and 8th Street',
Multipanel photograph, 8 unframed giclee prints,
varying sizes. Overall 900 cm x 90 cm approx.

The Lost Photographs of Socrates Smith, Mildura Arts Centre, April-June 2019. An exhibition comprising photographs, memorabilia, recreated environments and costumes, sculpture, installation and performance.

View the accompanying book to this exhibition  HERE

Photographic images featured in this exhibition can be viewed HERE

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