Sam Llwyd is a multi-disciplinary artist based in Melbourne, Australia, where he lives with his two daughters and three cats. A passionate teenage artist, he was crowbarred into architecture, not commencing formal art studies until his thirties (RMIT University, sculpture). After holding several exhibitions, in 1991 Sam suffered a severe viral illness with long term effects including fatigue and depression. He did not exhibit seriously again until 2010. He has post-graduate qualifications in fine art from the Victorian College of the Arts, Melbourne, and the Cyprus School of Art, Larnaca. His work has been exhibited in Australia and overseas and is held in private and public collections in Australia, Europe, and the US. 


Sam identifies as an adult survivor of child abuse and a sufferer of Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (Chronic Fatigue or ME). Sam uses the Cymru (Welsh) spelling of his family name as an assertion of his nonconformity to the Anglosphere.

"Human knowledge is often treated as a ladder; as you climb, your place on the ladder comes to define both the knowledge and your status as a knower. I like to look between the rungs."

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Some comments on Sam's work:

"​​Inspiring and thought provoking - I will never look at an angel in the same way."

         Gallery visitor  ('Psychopomp', 2021/2)


What literature should be: a slap in the face." 

          Dervis Dervisoglu, online exhibition visitor (artist), UK

          (other HUMANS, 2020)

"Funny and real!"

      Anonymous gallery visitor (art student), Adelaide

          (The Lost Photographs of Socrates Smith, 2019)


      Dom deClario, former Director of the Australian Experimental                                     Art Foundation, Adelaide (The Missing Library, 2018)

"The photographs made me cry, the searching is so intense."

      M. B., Architect, website visitor, Virginia, USA (The Articulate Object, 2016)

"​​Every time I see one of Sam's works, something changes inside." 

          Professor Tommy Barlow, Champlain College of Art, USA 

          (Modern Archeology, 2015)

"Stunning work."

      Ben Read, eminent UK art historian and critic (Magic Isle, 2014)

Sam Llwyd in Cyprus, 2014.

Photo by Katherine Lloyd


Sam Llwyd in 2020.

Photo by Sam Lloyd