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The Tin Parrot

The Tin Parrot is Sam Lloyd's semi-autobiographical novel, written as a biography of the fictional schoolboy rebel and would-be artist, Socrates Smith. The title is a reference to Socrates’ belief in the importance of authenticity. On discovering that Australia’s iconic Arnotts Biscuits was in fact owned overseas, and its logo copied from an American advertisement, he remarked to his friend, Robert Bradley: “That’s what Australia is: a noisy parrot squawking from the lid of a tin owned by someone else.”


Published by White Puppy Press to coincide with the exhibition'The Lost Photographs of Socrates Smith', with proceeds donated to ican, the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons.

The Tin Parrot
The exhibition version of Sam's semi-autobiographical novel published in 2019 DOWNLOAD
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